Kyle Ragsdale — AKA Rocksdale — is a visual effects student artist, currently training at the Los Angeles Film School. With a background in visual arts as well as technical software, Kyle returned to school as an adult in order to pursue his passion of creating stunning visual effects.

As a young child, Kyle dreamed of being an animator. He made flip books and stop-motion short films using a handheld camcorder, built models and destroyed them on camera. Films like Star Wars and Jurassic Park started a life-long interest in visual effects and storytelling. Years later, he was captivated by the process of creating cinema quality effects using modern technology!

In his 20’s, Kyle spent years as a touring musician, earning the nickname “Rocksdale.” Along the way, he picked up technical skills using digital audio software like ProTool, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, and Abelton. He was always drawn to difficult tasks that require hours of work at his computer, including programming a DMX light show, synced with multimedia and a live band performance!

Having returned to his initial love of visual storytelling, Kyle is diving deep into the creative process, currently developing a portfolio emphasizing Nuke Compositing. He also has experience as 3D modeler, digital sculptor, texture artist, and storyboard artist, making him a valuable asset to any production or pre-visualization team.

Kyle is working towards mastering the following software packages: Nuke, After Effects, Maya, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, and Photoshop. He also has experience with Zbrush, Houdini, and Premiere, among others. He is dedicated to continually learning – in order to stay on the cutting edge, and be relevant in a constantly evolving industry.

For more information, please reach out to kyleragsdalevfx@gmail.com